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The health system in the USA is a little complicated to understand. In fact the USA is considered one of the best countries in the world to live at, however when it comes to health care system it is by far not the first, in fact there are over 30 countries worldwide that have a much better health system than the USA. It is important to understand that the USA is a good country and that it offers several good things for its members, however there are things that the USA should improve when it comes to its health system. Let’s understand a little bit of the differences as well as leave room for improvements.

Here are some of the countries that have better health care than the USA.

Take a look at a small list of some of the countries that have a better health care system when compared to the USA. These countries provide complete options to always keep the health of the population good.

• Canada
• Colombia
• Chile
• Italy
• Finland
• Iceland
• Greece
• San Marino
• Andorra
• France

What could be improved in the Health care system of the USA?

Let’s take a look at a small list that contains some of the main issues with the American health care system.

Unnecessary treatment – Every single year millions of women have babies before their due date. Instead of having their babies naturally they undergo surgeries and spend money while they should not. It is not their option though, doctors are the ones who make the whole situation like this. In fact the whole system gets more money whenever a surgery happens, and that is exactly why the system is bad; some money is spent where it should not and the areas that need money the most do not have the same opportunity.

• Harm during the stay at the hospital – Most mothers and newborn babies are prone to having some sort of infection, just like the mothers that deliver earlier than they should.

• Lack of honesty – the system is not 100% open. You truly do not know how much is spent or even how much is available

Will America ever get better?


There is a big chance that the USA will improve its system in the following years. Sever different measures were already taken by president Obama in order to provide better treatment options for the users, after all Americans deserve better plans for them. In fact in 2014 new measures will begin to work. Let’s just hope they will be good for the country and for every American citizen as well.more health care system ideas over on this source.

The USA will improve!

The USA certainly needs to improve its health care system as a whole, however it is known that the president and other workers are trying to do that. Every American should look for their rights and never stop! This is the only way the authorities will do something to provide better treatments for the whole population and also reduce the total costs, after all good money could be saved.

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